"Intensity, flavor, enjoy our fried pizza."


"Born and raised in the Sanità neighborhood, Isabella began her journey in the restaurant industry at a very young age, moving between the tables and workstations of the big players in the culinary arts. With eager and ambitious eyes, she aimed to uncover the secrets of a predominantly male profession. It took a lot of sacrifice and hard work to make this dream come true: Isabella De Cham Fried Pizza."

Fried pizza, baked pizza...fried foods and desserts. Take a look at our menu.

My neighborhood.

I grew up here, in Sanità. People often ask me if De Cham is a stage name. In the neighborhood, they've known me since I was a kid; no, De Cham is my real last name.

Indeed, I come from a French family because Naples has been a European capital for centuries and is still a melting pot of nationalities.

Naples is international and colorful, just like its flavors.

Just like fried pizza.

Our products

Our craft beer, as well as the fried foods we produce, result from a careful selection of raw materials, with a single goal at the center: absolute quality.

My staff

Getting together is a beginning, staying together is progress
insieme è un progresso, lavorare
Working together is success

"A staff entirely composed of women. The greatest pride is having given women the opportunity to work in a male-dominated industry. In my restaurant in Sanità, we started with an all-female staff, and together with my lifelong friends, we are carrying forward this great project."